Welcome to Tim Cosmetics.



We Are?

TimCosmetics, is providing full service of hotel amenities manufacture and supply with custom labeled promotional hygenic and personal care products for tourism industry in Istanbul Turkey since 1989. Besides Tim Cosmetics is also producing home fragrances, professional and personal hair and skin care products for its sub-brands named “DR.EA, Egza-S, Naturale, Naturale Home, Neas, Egeria”

As a big game player in it’s national and international sector, all of Tim Cosmetics’ products is produced with certificated international hygene and quality standarts with the support of R&D and Quality Control departments.

Besides, every product’s package design can be remodeled or designed as desired in the needs of it’s clients or their corporate identity standarts. Also Tim Cosmetics is able to create a conceptual product packaging designs if needed. As an option, Tim Cosmetics has it’s own proxy brand, named EGERIA NATURAL SOAP which has unique and premium conceptual branding. For creating and keeping high standarts in cosmetics sector, all of the herbal soap products is approved and certificated by the Ministry of Health and E.U. Health Committee. With the dedication of 60 white and blue collared staff, Tim Cosmetics is still enlarging it’s product range and standarts, and steps forward to the future...

Our Mission

In the light of our ethic values, to produce high quality products with the help of hi-tech, and to be able to add value to become a leader solution partner to our clients with a product range above the expectations.

Our Vision

To present qualified and the most suitable satisfying solutions of the period, developing needs at superiority in competition and to be a company which the customers and the workers will be proud of.

Our Target

Sharing our deep rooted background and experinces, we have gained and founded the best, fast and economical solutions, with our sensitive quality care by means of our partner, quick solution finder companies ,which are serving for quality and without giving any concession about the hygenic standarts of human. Not only reflect the logos on the productions that Hotels present to their guests and our brands' products but also making our company gained an institutional identity by uniting our designers staff with production on modern technology basis as well and also combining the prestiges and identites of company and putting those meaningfull worths in front. Having long lasting customers relation. Being our company which our workers will be proud of.

Our Principles & Values

  • Our customers are the reason of our existence.
  • We add power and provide them impresive advantage.
  • We are conscious certainly that we grow up with our valued customers.
  • Evolution and development are the facts of life.
  • Only creative practice and the solutions which are keeping us at the top.
  • The continuos success is only possible with the swift and rationalist organization.
  • We set up and establish our relations with our colleaques and our workers on obvious respect and strong trust basis.
  • We can only achieve to decrease the cost by increasing the production quality line and our profit by working with trust between our customers, workers and the colleagues.
  • We develop our trustworthy relations by means of our job with our etiques and honest working principals.